What is ball hockey?

Ball hockey is a game similar to ice hockey, but it is played without body checking. Games are played on an official size rink that has an all-weather surface. Play consists of 3 periods, 5 on 5, with officiating and scorekeeping. Experience, ability or skill level is no bar for local area youngsters who want to participate in SouthCoast Ball Hockey!

Division Age Groups 

Chipmunks: U7 - Born 2016 and younger (play on Thursdays)

Penguins: U10 - Born between 2013 and 2015 (play on Mondays)

Beavers: U13 - Born between 2010 and 2012  (play on Tuesdays)

Cadets: U16 -  Born between 2006 and 2009 (play on Wednesdays)

Equipment Needed

  • Sneakers
  • Helmet
  • Shin Guards
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Elbow Pads
  • Hockey Stick